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Get to Know Our Small Family Owned Business! ❤️

Snowpops SD is proud member of the SD Boba Tea family! We're conveniently located across the parking lot so be sure to stop by and say hi to the SD Boba team too next time you visit!

Image of artwork of SD Boba Tea - San Diego Boba Tea Cafe Logo

We are excited to offer an amazing selection of desserts, Snowballs (the FLUFFIEST Shaved Ice), Gourmet Snow Pops, Lappert's World Famous Ice Cream, and more!


As San Diego natives, we felt there was something cool out there that the people of this beautiful city, living in the land of eternal summer, were missing. So, we searched the country high and low for icy treats to chill out with and we think you will LOVE what we came up with! 


Our twist on these tasty treats starts with mounds of snow that is so finely shaven that it really is as fluffy as new snow, unlike the crunchy ice crystals from that snow cone machine! These fluffy mounds are then flavored with our premium syrups that are quite literally bursting with flavor. ​By offering you over 150 of these tantalizing flavors to mix and match as well as 30 unique add ons, Snowpops SD will quickly become a household name in your family! 


Choose from timeless flavors such as Blue Raspberry and Cotton Candy, or new classics like Tiger's Blood and Wedding Cake! When we tell you that you can smell the fuzz in our Georgia Peach and taste the seeds in our blackberry, you actually can! That’s because we they produce those flavor characteristics and the taste sensations that will blow you away!

We also have: 

Gourmet ice pops made from fresh fruits and ingredients to make the best hand crafted creations anywhere AND our own selection of baked and fried desserts. 

We take great pride in our family owned and operated cafe, our community and the best customer service. We look forward to serving you in this NEW addition to our SD Boba Tea Family; Snowpops SD! 🍧🍦❤️

Lapperts Ice Cream Logo artwork in yellow with black letters

Snowpops SD Proudly Serves Lappert's World Famous Small Batch Ice Cream!

Photo of Horchata Popsicle with White Chocolate Drizzle. one shaved ice topped with marshmallows and chocolate drizzle. one shaved ice with cookie dough bites and chocolate drizzle. one shaved ice topped with colored skittles candy and vanilla ice cream
"The Louisiana Snowball was a unique treat especially if you like things "made to order...your way"


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